Looks and Works

Here is an example of the Image Processing system at Aftonbladet, Image-500. How it looked, worked and feeled.

The presentation below is available as a Quicktime movie.
30 seconds, 2.4 MB

Map: 'lookwork.GIF'

Most of the operations in the system are chosen from the hexagon-shaped menus at the workstations tablet ...

... although some of the operations are controlled with on-screen-menus and toolbars.

Retouching images was done on-screen with tools as brushes, "crop-boxes" etc.

In this example, the graphic worker is cropping the runner. In this image we see the runner with the background taken away.

While in this image, the background is visible and the runner is represented by a blue shadow.

The runner, represented by the shadow, is separated from the rest of the image.

The image is positioned over an other image.

And, as the image already is seperated, it's a piece of cake to get rid of the old background.

In Requirement Specification, the underlying specifications that created the framework for the system is presented. The way to this system is presented in Design Method and Process. In Design Tools, you find the Mock-ups and dummies that ended up in this system, among other things an Image Processing Slide Simulation. The Image Processing was simulated by projecting the different operations on small screens; Mock-ups for computer monitors.

Image Processing Slide Simulation

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