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Design Method and Process

Tools for developing alternatives were needed
Computer systems developed at this time for the newspapers were rigid in their construction and hard to adjust and adapt.

The ambition of the Utopia project was to develop the professional requirements for the technology before a system was constructed.

To work with alternatives the Utopia project built an experiment and test environment which was called the technology laboratory.

Simulations gave concrete experience
In the technology laboratory the new page make-up and image processing technology was simulated. Through working together on the simulation equipment, graphic workers and researchers gained concrete experience which made it possible to define the requirements for computer based graphical work.
Workstation mock-ups, picture sequences, prototype programs, the organizational tool kit
The design work concentrated on three design tools: colour slide mock-ups with picture sequences that were also pasted on the walls, for simulation of work processes, a graphic workstation with methods for developing computer based tools, and a tool for describing work organization.

Other inputs to the design process were trips to North America and to the Graphics industry fair DRUPA in Darmstadt and visits at several Scandinavian graphics industry plants.

Utopia also had several meetings with people from the Image-500 development team at Imtec in Linköping and to some extent with Typlan developing Page-700, the page make-up system, cf Developers' Experience.

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