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Extension Limitations under DOS

   On DOS/Windows 9X systems the file name extensions of the output
files, like `.tab.c', that may be used depend on the file system in use.
The plain DOS file system has limited file name length, does not allow
the use of a set of certain illicit characters and does not allow more
than a single dot in the file name.

   The DJGPP port of `bison' will detect at runtime if (LFN) long file
name support is available or not.  LFN support will be available in a
DOS session under Windows 9X and successors.  Windows NT 4.0 needs a
special LFN driver (`ntlfn08b.zip') or later available at any simtelnet
mirror in the /v2misc dir) for proper LFN support in a DOS session.  If
LFN support is available the DJGPP port of `bison' will use the
standard POSIX file name extensions of the output files.  If LFN
support is not available, then the DJGPP port of `bison' will use DOS
specific file name extensions.

This table summarizes the used extensions:

        LFN extension (Win9X)            SFN extension (plain DOS)
        `.tab.c'                         `_tab.c'
        `.tab.h'                         `_tab.h'
        `.tab.cpp'                       `_tab.cpp'
        `.tab.hpp'                       `_tab.hpp'
        `.output'                        `.out'
        `.stype.h'                       `.sth'
        `.guard.c'                       `.guc'

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