Gnu Info documentation system.
Below are the contents of the info documentation at Nada. Separating each part is a directory specifying where the files are physically located. This gives a hint towards where the binaries are and which module you should load in order to get them in your path.
   ========= Directory /pkg/ddd/default/os/info: ==========

DDD 3.3
The Data Display Debugger.
   ========= Directory /pkg/egcs/default/info: ==========
* Cpp
The GNU C preprocessor.
* g77
The GNU Fortran compiler.
* gcc
The GNU C compiler.
   ========= Directory /pkg/emacs/default/os/info: ==========

* Ada mode
The GNU Emacs mode for editing Ada.
* Autotype
Convenient features for text that you enter frequently in Emacs.
* CC Mode
Emacs mode for editing C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Pike, and IDL code.
* CL
Partial Common Lisp support for Emacs Lisp.
* Dired-X
Dired Extra Features.
A client for directory servers (LDAP, PH)
* Ebrowse
A C++ class browser for Emacs.
* Ediff
A visual interface for comparing and merging programs.
* Emacs
The extensible self-documenting text editor.
* Emacs FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Emacs.
* Emacs MIME
The MIME de/composition library.
* Eshell
A command shell implemented in Emacs Lisp.
* Forms
Emacs package for editing data bases by filling in forms.
* Gnus
The newsreader Gnus.
Major mode and shell for IDL and WAVE/CL files.
* MH-E
Emacs interface to the MH mail system.
* Message
Mail and news composition mode that goes with Gnus.
Emacs front-end to CVS.
* RefTeX
Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references and citations.
* SC
Supercite lets you cite parts of messages you're replying to, in flexible ways.
* Speedbar
File/Tag summarizing utility.
An older VI-emulation for Emacs.
The newest Emacs VI-emulation mode. (also, A VI Plan for Emacs Rescue or the VI PERil.)
* Widget
Documenting the "widget" package used by the Emacs Custom facility.
* WoMan
Browse UN*X Manual Pages `Wo (without) Man'.
Texinfo documentation system
* Info
Documentation browsing system.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gcc/default/os/info: ==========

* Cpp
The GNU C preprocessor.
* Cpplib
Cpplib internals.
* Gcj
Ahead-of-time compiler for the Java language
* fastjar
GNU jar utilities
* g77
The GNU Fortran compiler.
* gcc
The GNU Compiler Collection.
* gccint
Internals of the GNU Compiler Collection.
Individual utilities
* gcjh
Generate header files from Java class files
* gij
GNU interpreter for Java bytecode
* jcf-dump
Print information about Java class files
* jv-scan
Print information about Java source files
* grepjar
Search files in a jar file for a pattern
* jar
An archive tool for Java archives
* jv-convert
Convert file from one encoding to another
* rmic
Generate stubs for Remote Method Invocation.
* rmiregistry
The remote object registry.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gdb/default/info: ==========

GDB 5.0 The GNU Debugger
The GNU Debugger
* Bfd
The Binary File Descriptor library.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gettext/default/os/info: ==========

GNU Gettext 0.11.4
* Gettext
GNU gettext utilities.
* gettextize
Prepare a package for gettext.
* msgfmt
Make MO files out of PO files.
* msgmerge
Update two PO files into one.
* xgettext
Extract strings into a PO file.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gmp/default/os/info: ==========

GNU libraries
* gmp
GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnat/default/info: ==========

GNAT, the GNU Ada compiler.
* gnat_ug
GNAT 3.07, User's Guide.
* gnat_rm
GNAT 3.07, Reference Manual.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-file/default/info: ==========

Miscellaneous GNU tools used to manage files.
* Diff
GNU diff
* Fileutils
GNU file utilities.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-info/default/info: ==========

Texinfo documentation system
* Info
Documentation browsing system.
* Texinfo
The GNU documentation format.
* install-info
Updating info/dir entries.
* texi2dvi
Printing Texinfo documentation.
* texindex
Sorting Texinfo index files.
* info program
Standalone Info-reading program.
* makeinfo
Convert Texinfo source to Info or plain ASCII.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-libs/default/info: ==========
Gnu programming libraries
* Termcap
GNU terminal library
* Readline
GNU command line editing library
* History
GNU history library
* gmp
GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-make/default/os/info: ==========

* Standards
GNU coding standards.
* gprof
Profiling your program's execution
Autoconf 2.53
* Autoconf
Create source code configuration scripts.
* configure
The GNU configure and build system
Automake 1.6.3
* automake
Making Makefile.in's
* aclocal
Generating aclocal.m4
Flex 2.5.4a
* Flex
Flex 2.5.4a - a lexical analyzer generator.
Make 3.79
* Make
The GNU make utility.
M4 1.4
* m4
A powerful macro processor.
Binutils 2.13
* Binutils
The GNU binary utilities.
* As
The Gnu Assembler.
* Gas
The Gnu Assembler.
* ar
Create, modify, and extract from archives
* nm
List symbols from object files
* objcopy
Copy and translate object files
* objdump
Display information from object files
* ranlib
Generate index to archive contents
* readelf
Display the contents of ELF format files.
* size
List section sizes and total size
* strings
List printable strings from files
* strip
Discard symbols
* c++filt
Filter to demangle encoded C++ symbols
* cxxfilt
MS-DOS name for c++filt
* addr2line
Convert addresses to file and line
* nlmconv
Converts object code into an NLM
* windres
Manipulate Windows resources
* dlltool
Create files needed to build and use DLLs
Bison 1.35
* bison
GNU parser generator (yacc replacement).
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-pack/default/info: ==========

Miscellaneous GNU tools for packing and unpacking files
* Gzip
GNU zip 1.2.4
* Tar
GNU tar 1.11.11
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-plot/default/info: ==========
* gnuplot
Gnu graph plotting utility.
GNU Plotting Utilities
* Plotting utilities
GNU plotting utilities
* graph
Plot datasets, possibly in real time
* plot
Convert and display plot files
* tek2plot
Translate legacy Tektronix data
* spline
Interpolate between points in datasets
* ode
Integrate differential equations
* libplot
A library for 2-D vector graphics
* Appendices
More info on the plotting utilities
   ========= Directory /pkg/gnu-text/default/info: ==========

* Text utilities
GNU text utilities.
* cat
Concatenate and write files.
* cksum
Print POSIX CRC checksum.
* comm
Compare sorted files by line.
* csplit
Split by context.
* cut
Print selected parts of lines.
* expand
Convert tabs to spaces.
* fmt
Reformat paragraph text.
* fold
Wrap long input lines.
* head
Output the first part of files.
* join
Join lines on a common field.
* md5sum
Print or check message-digests.
* nl
Number lines and write files.
* od
Dump files in octal, etc.
* paste
Merge lines of files.
* pr
Paginate or columnate files.
* sort
Sort text files.
* split
Split into fixed-size pieces.
* sum
Print traditional checksum.
* tac
Reverse files.
* tail
Output the last part of files.
* tr
Translate characters.
* unexpand
Convert spaces to tabs.
* uniq
Uniqify files.
* wc
Byte, word, and line counts.
* Gawk
A Text Scanning and Processing Language.
   ========= Directory /pkg/gtk/default/info: ==========

   ========= Directory /pkg/ispell/default/info: ==========

International ispell - An interactive spell checker
* Ispell
Spell check text and TeX files.
   ========= Directory /pkg/kth-krb/default/info: ==========

Kth-krb 1.0.4

* Kth-krb
The Kerberos IV distribution from KTH
   ========= Directory /pkg/rcs/default/info: ==========

cvs - A version control system.
The Concurrent Version System 1.9.
   ========= Directory /pkg/teTeX/default/info: ==========

Texinfo documentation system
* Info
How to use the documentation browsing system.
* Texi2HTML
Texinfo to HTML Converter.
* Texinfo
The GNU documentation format.
* info standalone
Read Info documents without Emacs.
* infokey
Compile Info customizations.
* install-info
Update info/dir entries.
* makeinfo
Translate Texinfo source.
* texi2dvi
Print Texinfo documents.
* texi2pdf
PDF output for Texinfo.
* texindex
Sort Texinfo index files.
* DVI-to-Postscript
Translating TeX DVI files to PostScript.
* Kpathsea
File lookup along search paths.
* LaTeX2e
LaTeXe help 1.6.
* Web2c
TeX, Metafont, and companion programs.
* afm2tfm
Making Type 1 fonts available to TeX.
* bibtex
Maintaining bibliographies.
* dmp
Troff->MPX (MetaPost pictures).
* dvicopy
Virtual font expansion
* dvips
DVI-to-PostScript translator.
* dvitomp
DVI to MPX (MetaPost pictures).
* dvitype
DVI to human-readable text.
* gftodvi
Generic font proofsheets.
* gftopk
Generic to packed fonts.
* gftype
GF to human-readable text.
* kpsewhich
TeX file searching.
* makempx
MetaPost label typesetting.
* mf
Creating typeface families.
* mft
Prettyprinting Metafont source.
* mktexlsr
Update ls-R.
* mktexmf
MF source generation.
* mktexpk
PK bitmap generation.
* mktextex
TeX source generation.
* mktextfm
TeX font metric generation.
* mltex
Multi-lingual TeX.
* mpost
Creating technical diagrams.
* mpto
MetaPost label extraction.
* newer
Compare modification times.
* patgen
Creating hyphenation patterns.
* pktogf
Packed to generic fonts.
* pktype
PK to human-readable text.
* pltotf
Property list to TFM.
* pooltype
Display WEB pool files.
* tangle
WEB to Pascal.
* tex
* tftopl
TFM -> property list.
* vftovp
Virtual font -> virtual pl.
* vptovf
Virtual pl -> virtual font.
* weave
WEB to TeX.
   ========= Directory /pkg/wget/default/info: ==========

GNU wget
* Wget
GNU utility for network download.

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