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Numerisk analys och datalogi
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Conference in Numerical Analysis

In celebration of the sixtieth birthday of Axel Ruhe
Deadline for conference registration, September 18, 2002

Axel Ruhe  

In celebration of Axel Ruhe's sixtieth birthday and his many contributions to numerical analysis, there will be a one-day conference at Nada  /  KTH, October 14, 2002. The theme of the conference is numerical analysis with the emphasis on numerical linear algebra.

Axel Ruhe is a professor in numerical analysis at NADA/KTH. He took his Ph D in Lund 1970 and he worked in Umeå 1970-1983 and at Chalmers in Göteborg 1983-2001. Axel's main research field  is numerical linear algebra, and in particular eigenvalue problems. He has also worked in optimization.


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Uppdaterad: 2002-10-02