CruiseControl Monitor

CruiseControl Monitor is a small tray icon application designed to monitor the build process done by cruisecontrol. It will display a tray icon indicating either failure or success with a red or a green icon. That's all.
This is done by reading the status page created by the build process and parse it for either the phrase failed or passed.


To install CruiseControl Monitor, just unzip the downloaded file and run the binary ccTry.exe. If no ccTray.ini is available, the default values will be used. A ccTray.ini will be created with the default values set when the application terminates.


The only configuration that can be done is setting host, port, uri, update interval and client host name. These values should be set in the ccTray.ini.


To uninstall CruiseControl Monitor, just delete the files in the directory you use to run CruiseControl Monitor from. That's it, nothing has been written to the system so no other files need to be removed.


Download CruiseControl Monitor here.


CruiseControl Monitor is released as a freeware without any kind of warranty or guarantee. Use it at your own risk.
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