Olof Runborg

Professor in Numerical Analysis

Email: olofr@nada.kth.se
Phone: 08 - 790 69 10,
Snail mail: NA, Matematiska Institutionen, KTH, 100 44 Stockholm
Office: no 3529, level 5, Lindstedtsvägen 25


MSc Electrical Engineering, KTH, Stockholm ('92). BSc Economics & Business Administration, SSE, Stockholm ('94). PhD Numerical Analysis/Applied Math, KTH, Stockholm ('98). Postdoc, Paris VI, ('99). Postdoc, Princeton University, PACM, ('00-'01). Docent, NADA, KTH, ('03). Professor, KTH, ('10).


My research centers on the numerical treatment of multiscale phenomena in partial differential equations and the related subjects of homogenization and multiresolution analysis. One of my areas of interest is high-frequency wave propagation, in particular numerical methods and models for multiphase geometrical optics and techniques for coupling Helmholtz solvers with geometrical optics solvers. I have also studied more theoretical issues related to the high-frequency limit of the Helmholtz equation and Wigner transforms. Another research area concerns numerical homogenization. I have worked with a method based on wavelet projections, mainly for linear problems, but also for simpler nonlinear problems. More recently, I have studied numerical techniques for simulating coarse quantities using microscopic/detailed solvers, including coarse bifurcation analysis of non-linear problems. Other research interests include subdivision for curve and surface representation, in particular the mathematical properties of so-called normal meshes. Earlier, I have developed mesh generation tools for aerodynamics applications.


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